Molly Jane Charters – A Maine Tuna Charter Experience

About Us

Molly Jane Charters officially launched in 2020 with a mission to share the incredible experience of bluefin tuna fishing with the world. The company was founded by Erik Christensen and Kurt Christensen, two champion fishermen with a combined 60 years of experience in the industry, with the goal of providing an authentic fishing charter experience generally reserved for professional fishermen.

The name “Molly Jane” comes from the boat itself, a customized 45ft Hutt Brothers vessel built in Prince Edward Island. Fully rigged with state-of-the-art electronics and safety gear, the FV Molly Jane is one of the top boats in the Gulf of Maine.


The Molly Jane Difference


Molly Jane Charters offers a range of charter services to suit the needs of any customer. Their “Tuna Fishing Charter” is the most popular option, offering a chance to catch bluefin tuna in the waters off the coast of Maine. With trips lasting up to 24 hours, customers have plenty of time to learn from the expertise of the crew and participate in everything aboard.

For those seeking a different kind of fishing experience, Molly Jane Charters also offers “Groundfishing Charters.” These trips are especially popular with locals, as they allow customers to keep all the fish they catch. If frozen, these fish can provide delicious meals for months to come.

Molly Jane Charters is also known for their “Custom Charters,” which can be tailored to fit almost any request. Want to go shark fishing? Interested in a sunset cruise? Using a charter fishing experience as a corporate team-building exercise? Molly Jane Charters can make it happen. They’ve even provided burials at sea for families who want to say goodbye to their loved ones in a special way.

No matter which charter service you choose, Molly Jane Charters is committed to delivering an authentic, hands-on fishing experience. With a focus on safety, expertise, and customer satisfaction, they are the premier choice for fishing charters in the Gulf of Maine.


Erik and Kurt have a proven track record of tournament wins and placed finishes. There are very few boats on the east coast with a rap sheet as long as theirs. Below is a complete list of their tournament victories:

  • 2022 Casco Bay Bluefin Bonanza 3rd place, 621 lbs
  • 2021 Newburyport Shark & Tuna Tournament 1st place, 752lbs (2 fish cumulative)
  • 2021 Casco Bay Bluefin Bonanza 5th place, 550 lbs
  • 2020 Newburyport Shark & Tuna Tournament 1st place, 593 lbs
  • 2020 Casco Bay Bluefin Bonanza 3rd place, 671 lbs
  • 2019 Casco Bay Bluefin Bonanza 1st place, 724 lbs
  • 2019 Bailey Island Tuna Tournament 1st place, 636 lbs
  • 2019 Bailey Island Tuna Tournament 2nd place, 579 lbs
  • 2018 Bailey Island Tuna Tournament 1st place, 675 lbs
  • 2017 Bailey Island Tuna Tournament 1st place, 632 lbs
Join us aboard the FV Molly Jane for an unforgettable day on the water. Check out our bluefin tuna charters and call us to book yours today.