Captain and Crew

At Molly Jane Charters, we take great pride in our crew of experienced and knowledgeable fishermen. Whether you’re on a bluefin tuna charter or a custom charter, you can trust our crew to make your trip safe, fun, and unforgettable.

Erik Christensen – Captain

Erik grew up chasing tuna around the Gulf of Maine. He graduated from Maine Maritime Academy and worked as an engineer on trawlers in Dutch Harbor, Ak. He gave up the marine engineering to follow his one true passion, Bluefin Tuna. His entire life is devoted towards these fish. With 17 years of experience he is sure to put you on the fish!

Kurt Christensen – Captain

Captain Kurt Christensen was born and raised in Maine and has been fishing in the Gulf of Maine for over 40 years. With his extensive knowledge of the area and its fish, Captain Kurt can take you to the best fishing spots and help you land that big catch. He is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all his customers.

Brandon LeBlanc – First Mate

Brandon LeBlanc, our first mate, grew up in a small town in western Maine and has been an outdoor enthusiast his entire life. With over 15 years of experience in cold water fishing for trout and salmon, Brandon has transitioned to saltwater fishing in the past five years. He has taught himself about the ocean by fishing out of the Saco river and has quickly become an expert in ground fishing, shark fishing, and tuna fishing. Brandon is passionate about fishing and is committed to making your trip a success.

Molly Christensen – first Mate

Get ready for non-stop action all day long with our Ground Fishing Charters. We follow all federal and state laws, and with up to 20 haddock per person, along with unlimited whiting, red fish, and pollock, it’s a lot of fish. With one fish a day per person for cod in season, it’s an exciting challenge to try and catch one.

Join the Crew for a Day


When you join us on a fishing charter, you’re getting a truly authentic experience. Molly Jane Charters offers you the rare experience of becoming a crew member for a day. Our highbred top-tier commercial tuna boat offers anyone an offshore experience through the eyes of commercial fishermen.

Join in and be apart of the experience, as a crew member for the length of your voyage, you’ll participate in all aspects of commercial fishing, from setting the lines to hauling in the catch. You’ll learn as much as you care to about ins and outs of commercial fishing and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for this unique way of life. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t forget.

At Molly Jane Charters, we’re committed to providing our customers with the most authentic and exciting fishing experience possible. Join us aboard the FV Molly Jane and become a part of this rich tradition of commercial fishing in Portland, Maine.

Maine Roots and Commercial Fishing

At Molly Jane Charters, we are proud of our Maine roots and the long history of commercial fishing in Portland. We are committed to preserving this way of life and sharing it with others through our charters. When you join us aboard the FV Molly Jane, you’re not just going on a fishing trip – you’re becoming a part of this rich tradition.