Custom Charters in Portland, Maine

Molly Jane Charters offers custom charters to suit any group’s needs, desires, and schedules. With experienced captains passionate about providing a memorable and exciting experience, Molly Jane Charters can create the perfect trip for you.

The Custom Charter Experience


Our captains have years of experience fishing in the Gulf of Maine and can provide you with a unique perspective on this beautiful and bountiful area. Whether you’re interested in shark fishing, sunset cruises, corporate outings, team building, burials at sea, lighthouse tours, or any other feasible custom charter options, our captains can create a one-of-a-kind experience that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


Our custom charters are great events for an epic bachelorette or bachelor party. Whether you are looking for a low key sunset cruise or an exhilarating shark fishing adventure, the Molly Jane crew will make it an memorable experience for all involved and the highlight of your party!

Shark Fishing Charters

Shark fishing charters with Molly Jane Charters provide an opportunity to catch a variety of species, including Bluesharks, Threashers, porbeagle, and makos. Our captains know the hotspots and have the gear to provide you with a thrilling and safe experience.

Sunset Cruises of Casco Bay

For those looking for a more relaxing trip, a sunset cruise with Molly Jane Charters is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the Gulf of Maine. Our captains know all the best spots for catching stunning sunset views and can even provide drinks and snacks for the perfect evening out on the water.

Corporate Team Building

If you’re looking for a unique corporate outing or team-building experience, look no further than Molly Jane Charters. Our custom charters can provide a unique and unforgettable experience that will bring your team together and create lasting memories.

Burials at Sea

Molly Jane Charters can also accommodate burials at sea, providing a respectful and beautiful way to say goodbye to a loved one. Our captains understand the importance of this moment and will work with you to create a fitting tribute.

Lighthouse Tours of Casco Bay

Molly Jane Charters offers a unique custom charter option to explore the lighthouses of Casco Bay. On this tour, you will be able to admire these iconic landmarks up close and experience the living history of the bay. Our knowledgeable crew can inform you about the various aspects of each lighthouse and its interesting lore. Going on a lighthouse tour with Molly Jane Charters is an unforgettable way to observe some of New England’s most iconic features.

Trust Your Captain

At Molly Jane Charters, we believe in the importance of trusting your captain. Our captains are experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about providing the best possible experience for our guests. They will work with you to create a custom charter that meets your needs and desires while ensuring your safety and comfort on the water.

What Our Guests Have to Say

Had a blast with Capt Kurt and Capt Erik! Caught two sharks and a bluefin (unfortunately, the bluefin snapped the line while I was reeling it in). Can’t wait to come back next summer and finally get the bluefin. They are the only charter to do overnights in the area. Highly highly recommend it if you want to increase your chances of catching a bluefin! The lights on the boat are super bright and attract the baitfish. If you’re debating which charter to choose, choose this one! They did everything to make sure we had a great time (including a fresh lobster dinner on the boat). Will definitely be back.
-Piper Davis

Looking for Something Else?

If you’re still looking for something else, we offer other charters, including Tuna Fishing Charters and Groundfishing Charters. If you want something outside any of the defined options, please reach out to us to open a dialogue. We love exploring new options for charters and helping our guests achieve their dreams at sea.

Let’s Set Sail!

Create memories that will last a lifetime with Molly Jane Charters. Please reach out to us to plan and book your custom charter today and experience the Gulf of Maine like never before.